What's up?

We run community engagement programmes that encourage changemakers to connect closely with & mobilise local communities, in order to prototype solutions that meet a real need. These are followed by concrete post programme support to ensure sustainability.

The latest is a 10-week programme that is part of "Enabling Change", aimed to impact on persons with disabilities and their caregivers in Singapore.

Enabling Change is a collaborative effort powered by Singtel and supported by the National Youth Council, *SCAPE, SG Enable, Eden Strategy Institute, and Singapore Makers, among others.

This is the second time we are working with the organisers. At SAMH, our mission is Mental Wellness for All. We seek to promote mental wellness in the community and improve the rehabilitation and reintegration of persons diagnosed with mental illness. We actively support the changemakers from Enabling Change because they are able to think out of the box and bring fresh perspectives - some of which can be applied back to our daily work.
— Lili Tan, Executive Director of Singapore Association for Mental Health